Version 19.4.0 #19.4.0

Improved backup scheduling.


Version 19.2.0 #19.2.0

Improved Google Calendar integration.

Direct access


Version 19.0.0 #19.0.0

Completely new project setup screen.

Yearly project goal.

New charts for income and time goal achievement.

Camera fixes.

Create project

Project goal

Version 18.2.0 #18.2.0

Improved timeline navigation, swiping is back again.

Days with focused projects are marked with a dot.


Different colors for day categorization.


Goal not reached
Goal reached
No goal, tracked time
No goal, no tracked times.

Version 18.1.0 #18.1.0

Better highlighting of the active project.


Version 18.0.0 #18.0.0

The new start page design features more usable screen space.

New design

Version 17.0.0 #17.0.0

Calendar based navigation in timeline and statistics.

Open calendar

Green tone shows a day, where you’ve reached your goal.

Green tone

Red tone shows a day, where you didn’t reach your goal.

Red tone

Days without goal have no extra marker.

No goal

More intuitive filter handling in statistics.

Statistics filter

Better scheduled PDF export support.

Scheduled export options

Version 16.0.0 #16.0.0

Goals & time account, day types, improved time selection.

Adjust goals & time account

Goals & time account

Set day types

Calendar for day types

Daily balance interactive display

Improved time selection

Version 15.11.0 #15.11.0

From & until adjustments.


Version 15.10.0 #15.0.0

UI improvements, bug fixes.

Time picker

Smaller controls

Version 15.9.0 #15.9.0
UX & performance improvements.

Version 15.8.0 #15.8.0

Earliest time when you can reach your daily target.


Lots of small design improvements.


Version 15.7.0 #15.7.0

Document your activities with photos.

Photo capture

Photo capture

Version 15.6.0 #15.6.0

Truncate the seconds of the time records.

Tracking settings


Version 15.5.0 #15.5.0

The language of the application can be changed.


Version 15.3.0 #15.3.0

Projects can be exported and shared with other users.



Scheduled export file name can be customized.

File name

Version 15.2.0 #15.2.0

Day types (vacation, sickness etc.) are included in the exported PDF.

Export options

Version 15.1.0 #15.1.0

Export filters.


Version 15.0.0 #15.0.0

Simplification of the exports. They may be called from the statistics view and can use the statistics filter.

Start export

Choose file type

Statistics over all profiles.

Choose profile

All profiles

Plan your exports and send them automatically via email.

Go to planning

Export plan list

Export plan

Version 14.12.2 #14.12.2

The statistics retain the current period when reopened.


If you’re using the app with only one project, clicking on the widget will directly start the timer.


Automatic breaks are also printed in the PDF summary.


Version 14.12.0 #14.12.0

Time account graph in the PDF report.

Time account setting

Time account in PDF

Version 14.11.0 #14.11.0

New dark theme, especially for AMOLED displays.


Version 14.10.0 #14.10.0

The cards in the timeline are using a space-saving layout.

New control bar

Version 14.9.0 #14.9.0

Profile management has been improved.

Show profiles

Select or manage

Version 14.8.0 #14.8.0

The vacation entitlement can be specified exactly to half a day.


Half a day

Version 14.7.0 #14.7.0

Negative initial time account balance.

Initial balance

Negative/positive switch

Version 14.5.0 #14.5.0

Custom day types: define more day types alongside vacation, holiday and sick leave.

Add day types

The timeline also displays this information now.

Enhanced timeline

Custom day types are also shown in the statistics.

Day type statistics

Version 14.4.0 #14.4.0
Auto-restartable projects.

Let’s assume you’re at work, and your project tracker runs. After one hour, you decide to do some gym exercises, afterwards you want to switch back to your previous work.

With a long tap on the gym project, the tracker will switch to gym tracking. After stopping, Swipetimes will return to your previous works, without any manual intervention.
Version 14.3.0 #14.3.0

New Excel export.

Excel export

Location based time tracking improvements.


Version 14.2.0 #14.2.0

Vacation and sick days are shown in the statistics.


Version 14.0.0 #14.0.0

Printing and management of invoices. Both project hourly rates and the tracked times can be adjusted during invoice creation.

Menu entry

Invoice example


Version 13.10.3 #13.10.3

Some new icons.


Version 13.10.0 #13.10.0

Subscriptions can be cancelled directly from the app.


Version 13.9.0 #13.9.0
  • New widget for the current day. Thumb-up in case you’ve reached your daily goal, otherwise thumb down.
  • Edit the current record directly from the widget.

New widget

To the editing

Tags & notes

Version 13.8.0 #13.8.0

More flexible automatic breaks.

Show breaks

Configure breaks

Version 13.7.0 #13.7.0

More predefined periods in the custom statistics view.

Period chooser

Version 13.6.0 #13.6.0

Search for projects and tags when adding or modifying an entry.

Search button

Search project

Search tag

Version 13.5.0 #13.5.0

Remaining vacation days.

Vacation days

Version 13.4.0 #13.4.0

Statusbar notification also shows the day’s totally tracked time.


Version 13.2.0 #13.2.0

Automatic breaks.


Set the break


The automatic break duration will be subtracted from the total daily time.

Each day-break may be adjusted afterwards (tap on the break entry), just for the case that the break duration doesn’t match the set time.

Version 13.1.0 #13.1.0

Focused projects.

Set focused projects

  1. Days with focused project records are highlighted with a different color - an orange dot instead of the gray one.

  2. Focused project records are shown first in the timeline.


Version 13.0.0 #13.0.0

Project hourly rates and income calculation.

Set hourly rate

Quick stats


Version 12.6.0 #12.6.0

Tracked GPS distances in the PDF reports.

Printing option


Version 12.5.0 #12.5.0

Manage your vacation and sick leave days in the app.

Mark specific days directly in the timeline.


Vacation & sick leaves



Version 12.4.12 #12.4.12

If your are using the bottom controls layout and GPS tracking is active, the distance is displayed directly in the start center.


Version 12.4.7 #12.4.7

The automatic backup notification can be turned off.

Notification setting

Version 12.4.0 #12.4.0

A thumb-friendly design can be activated in the apps settings.

Customizing the PDF report title.

New design

Activate the design

Edit PDF title

Version 12.3.0 #12.3.0



Version 12.2.9 #12.2.9

Sort option for the timeline.

Sort option

Version 12.2.2 #12.2.2

Added new start-up option.

New menu entry for automation.

Start-up option

Automation menu

Version 12.2.0 #12.2.0

NFC based time tracking.

NFC menu

Scan tag

Configure tag

Version 12.1.0 #12.1.0

Project based GPS settings.


Version 12.0.0 #12.0.0

GPS tracking.

Tracking may be started from the start center.

Start tracking

Tracked distance plus GPS track is attached to the record.

GPS track

Version 11.15.0 #11.15.0

Alarm intervals can be customized.


Version 11.14.0 #11.14.0

Swipe actions in the start center.


Version 11.13.3 #11.13.3

Quick access to the timeline.

Quick access

Version 11.13.0 #11.13.0

Quick access to the last records.



Version 11.12.4 #11.12.4

The changelog may be shown only for major updates.

Changelog setting

Version 11.12.0 #11.12.0

An alarm is automatically triggered when the duration of a running project record reaches the given value.

Project alarm setting

Version 11.11.0 #11.11.0

Records from other profiles than the current one are shown differently. They just have a small color marker.

Color marker

Version 11.10.0 #11.10.0

190 colors to choose from for projects and tags.

Color picker

Version 11.9.0 #11.9.0

Automate your time tracking. Start the timer when your device connects to a WIFI network, stop it when disconnecting.


Version 11.8.0 #11.8.0

Minor improvements to the timeline.

Total / day

Time goal

Version 11.7.0 #11.7.0
  1. Time tracking settings have been centralized.
  2. A new option for the the weekly and monthly time balances.

Time tracking settings

Option for time balance

Version 11.6.0 #11.6.0

Projects can be pinned to home screen on Android 8.0+

Set-up pinning

Icon on start screen

Version 11.5.0 #11.5.0

A new widget displaying tracked time vs. your goals.

Widget in action

Version 11.4.10 #11.4.10

Small improvements in the quick stats.


Version 11.4.0 #11.4.0

Notification when daily goal is reached.

Notification setting

Release 11.2.0 #11.2.0

App shortcuts on Android Nougat+.

Long press icon for shortcuts

Change shortcuts in settings

Release 11.1.0 #11.1.0

Enhancements to the PDF summaries.

PDF export

Release 11.0.0 #11.0.0

PDF summaries. That’s it.

PDF export

Release 10.9.2 #10.9.2

The time picker allows you to set the start time of a newly added record in direct adjacency to the previous record, so you can avoid time gaps.

Set start time

In this example, the start time was set to 08:20, as the day’s last record ended at 08:20. The button will only be shown if the day has at least one record.

Release 10.9.1 #10.9.1

The account for the backups can be changed.

1Switch account

Release 10.9.0 #10.9.0

The projects from the start center can be reordered.

1Open the reorder view

2Drag “handle” up/down

Release 10.8.0 #10.8.0

Added the ability to add duration-only records. As their name says, they do not have a start and end time.

Switch to duration mode

Specify duration

Release 10.7.2 #10.7.2
  1. As always, some crashing bugs were fixed. And most probably no new crashing bugs added ;-)

  2. The start date for the time account computation is also used in various statistics. More explanations in the screenshots below.

    A. The daily target (in this example 8 hours per day) goes into effect on April 29, a sunday. Time account is also computed starting with this date.

    B. The small two-weeks chart displays the daily target (the blue lines) starting with April 29. The same applies for the detailed statistics (not shown here).