Version 11.13.3

Quick access to the timeline.

Quick access

Version 11.13.0

Quick access to the last records.



Version 11.12.4

The changelog may be shown only for major updates.

Changelog setting

Version 11.12.0

An alarm is automatically triggered when the duration of a running project record reaches the given value.

Project alarm setting

Version 11.11.0

Records from other profiles than the current one are shown differently. They just have a small color marker.

Color marker

Version 11.10.0

190 colors to choose from for projects and tags.

Color picker

Version 11.9.0

Automate your time tracking. Start the timer when your device connects to a WIFI network, stop it when disconnecting.


Version 11.8.0

Minor improvements to the timeline.

Total / day

Time goal

Version 11.7.0

  1. Time tracking settings have been centralized.
  2. A new option for the the weekly and monthly time balances.

Time tracking settings

Option for time balance

Version 11.6.0

Projects can be pinned to home screen on Android 8.0+

Set-up pinning

Icon on start screen

Version 11.5.0

A new widget displaying tracked time vs. your goals.

Widget in action

Version 11.4.10

Small improvements in the quick stats.


Version 11.4.0

Notification when daily goal is reached.

Notification setting

Release 11.2.0

App shortcuts on Android Nougat+.

Long press icon for shortcuts

Change shortcuts in settings

Release 11.1.0

Enhancements to the PDF summaries.

PDF export

Release 11.0.0

PDF summaries. That’s it.

PDF export

Release 10.9.2

The time picker allows you to set the start time of a newly added record in direct adjacency to the previous record, so you can avoid time gaps.

Set start time

In this example, the start time was set to 08:20, as the day’s last record ended at 08:20. The button will only be shown if the day has at least one record.

Release 10.9.1

The account for the backups can be changed.

1 Switch account

Release 10.9.0

The projects from the start center can be reordered.

1 Open the reorder view

2 Drag “handle” up/down

Release 10.8.0

Added the ability to add duration-only records. As their name says, they do not have a start and end time.

Switch to duration mode

Specify duration

Release 10.7.2

  1. As always, some crashing bugs were fixed. And most probably no new crashing bugs added ;-)

  2. The start date for the time account computation is also used in various statistics. More explanations in the screenshots below.

    A. The daily target (in this example 8 hours per day) goes into effect on April 29, a sunday. Time account is also computed starting with this date.

    B. The small two-weeks chart displays the daily target (the blue lines) starting with April 29. The same applies for the detailed statistics (not shown here).