Last update: May 22, 2018


Leon Chiver, also called developer, provides with Swipetimes Time Tracker an android app for project based time tracking. This app is used by the end user, also called user.

In order to run properly, the app stores the data entered by the end user on his device. Some of the data is also transferred over the internet.

This privacy policy describes in a detailed way what happens with the user’s data.

The developer reserves the right to make changes to this privacy policy at any time for any reason. You may notice the changes by looking to the “Last update” header which will be adjusted when this document changes. The developer invites you to actively check for updates of this privacy policy.

This privacy policy is independent of the policies used by the third parties involved with this app, for example the marketplace this app was downloaded from, the purchase platform used for the in-app purchases or the online services used by the app. Please take a look at their policies. To simplify things for you, all known third parties are listed at the end of the document.

By using the app the user agrees with the terms described here.


The app stores settings, project records and all the data needed to function properly on the user’s device. The developer has no access to this data.


Saved data or usage statistics may be transferred by using third party online services. There are two modes which need to be differentiated:

  1. Some data may be optionally stored online and therefore it must be transferred over the internet. Those data is accessible only by the user. Optionally means in this case that the user explicitly has to call the Swipetimes functions to transfer this data. Data policies of the third parties apply. This data transfer category includes following Swipetimes features.
  1. In order to improve the quality of the app Swipetimes also transfers anonymous usage data. This happens during normal usage and also in case of application errors. There is no personal identifiable information about the user in the transferred data.
    By using this information the developer can improve the app and quickly fix errors. This information is not used to contact the user, for marketing purposes etc. This information is also not further shared. It is stored online by the respective service providers (listed at the end of this document). Thus, their privacy policies also apply.


The data Swipetimes is collecting and transferring is used only to improve the app. Improvement means changes to the source code of the application so that it gets better. No personal identifiable information is collected. Collected data is not shared with anyone, legal requirements excluded. In the case that Swipetimes will be discontinued, all collected information will be destroyed.


In case of further questions please direct them by mail or email:

Leon Chiver
Jörg-Syrlin-Str. 45
89081 Ulm


All the third parties listed below have their own privacy policies. They are solely responsible for the policies, the developer of Swipetimes does not take any responsibility.

Firebase Analytics


Google Drive

Google Calendar