The best project based time tracker in the play store ;-)

For employees, freelancers, quantified selfies.

For anyone who wants to track time with ease, joy and style.

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Incredibly easy, incredibly powerful

A streamlined user interface makes powerful features easy an enjoyable. You'll spend time with the project you need to track, not with the app.

One tap project timers

Fast project switches. Fast time adjustments.

Analyze and optimize

Powerful statistics for an exact overview of what you've done.

More awesomeness...

Google Calendar, Google Drive, backups, exports etc.

Users love the app

It's not the number of features, it's how they are implemented.

I've spent a couple of weeks researching every time tracking tool on the play store that is useful for freelancers and consultants. After trying 12 simultaneously, I've decided that this one has the best combination of features. It doesn't have everything, but what it does, it does extremely well.
John Apple II
This is the best time tracking app I have tried, it has now been more than a year using it. The dev constantly updates it and is very responsive by email.
Diego Ocampo PĂ©rez
Best time tracker out there. Beautiful and friendly UI, easy to organize different projects, and Google Calendar integration is really useful! Developer is responsive with prompt support, kudos!
Nadav Oved